Open 19: Beyond Privacy

‘Open’ 19: Beyond Privacy examines and reconsiders the concept of privacy from the legal, sociological, media theoretical and activist perspectives. 

My essay Near-Future Urban Archaeology: The Sentient City Survival Kit addresses these issues through the lens of this project. Privacy is a right that protects one’s private life, a right that is not only established by law, but also has a political and a social significance. It can be experienced and observed differently by individuals and groups, depending upon their position in society and the desires and interests that are involved. In Open19 focuses not so much on deploring the loss of privacy, but taking the present situation of ‘post-privacy’ for what it is and trying to gain insight into what is on the horizon in terms of new subjectivities and power constructions.

With contributions by Daniel Solove, Maurizio Lazzarato, Rudi Laermans, Armin Medosch, Felix Stalder, Joris van Hoboken, Oliver Leistert, Martijn de Waal, Rob van Kranenburg, Mark Shepard, and Matthijs Bouw and Gio Sumbadze.

YEAR: 2010
CREDITS: Edited by Jorinde Seijdel and Liesbeth Melis. Published by SKOR/NAi