I Am Seeing Things - Symposium and Exhibition

I'll be delivering a keynote lecture at the I Am Seeing Things symposium and exhibition. This is the culminating event for TOTeM (Tales of Things and Electronic Memory), a three year research project by Brunel University, Edinburgh College of Art, University College London, University of Dundee, and the University of Salford.

October in NYC

It's a double-bill this month in New York City:

I'll be presenting at the Guggenheim Museum for the LISA Conference on Tuesday, October 16. Looking forward to what looks to be a great line-up of speakers.

Then it's Conflux time! One of my favorite festivals to be part of. Come for a Serendipitor walk in lower Manhattan on Saturday, October 20th at 2pm.

The City & The Book @ USC / 5D Institute

I'm in LA where I'm on a panel at The City & The Book, a two-day transmedia design summit at USC School of Cinematic Arts, organized by 5D Institute.

Sentient City Survival Kit @ Haus für elektronische Künste, Basel

I'm in Basel for the opening of Sensing Place, an exhibition at the Haus für elektronische Künste. Sensing Place engages with urban developments, new digital infrastructure and municipal space concepts. Curated by Sabine Himmelsbach. Exhibition Opening: Thursday, August 30, 2012, 7 pm

13th International Venice Architecture Biennale

I'll be in Venice presenting work as part of Spontaneous Interventions, an exhibition organized for the US Pavilion by the Institute for Urban Design as part of the 13th International Venice Architecture Biennale. The exhibition is on view August 29 - November 25, 2012. I'll be conducting walks with Serendipitor and collaborating with Natalie Jeremijenko and David Benjamin on the Venice Mussel Choir, a water quality monitoring project using bi-valves as bio-sensors. I've also contributed an essay on minor urbanism to the exhibition catalog.

SCSK @ Hack the City

The Sentient City Survival Kit is being exhibited in Trinity College Dublin's Science Gallery exhibit Hack the City, curated by Teresa Dillon. The exhibition opens Thursday, June 21 and is on view through September 8, 2012. I've also organized a walk with Serendipitor across the city of Dublin.

SCREENICITY: Sentient City - Oslo

I'm giving a talk on the Sentient City as part of the SCREENICITY lecture series organized by Ingrid Hoelzl, Department of Media and Communication, University of Oslo, Norway.

Remediating Urban Space @ Plymouth University

I'm in Plymouth, UK where I'm delivering the keynote lecture for the Remediating Urban Space symposium, organized by Katharine Willis and the School of Architecture with i-DAT. Thrilled to participate in this event alongside such a sharp group!

Tactical Sound Garden @ MIKSER 2012 - Belgrade

The Tactical Sound Garden [TSG] is growing in Belgrade, Serbia, during the Mikser 2012 festival from May 25 - June 2. The project is part of the exhibition Point Blank - Mikser on Belef, curated by Dušica Dražić. I'm also giving a talk as part of the Urban Transformations speaker series.

Sentient City Survival Kit @ DEAF

On my way to Rotterdam where I'll be exhibiting the Sentient City Survival Kit @ the Dutch Electronic Arts Festival (DEAF), which opens Wednesday, May 16. I'll also be participating in a debate on Augmented Society, Saturday, May 19.

Tactical Sound Garden: Buffalo

I'm in Buffalo on May 4 & 5 installing a new version of the Tactical Sound Garden, part of the Fluid Culture arts & media series of the University at Buffalo Humanities Institute.

Situated Technologies: Beneath and Beyond Big Data

Come celebrate the publication of the final pamphlet in the Situated Technologies Pamphlets Series, Modulated Cities: Networked Spaces, Reconstituted Subjects, by Helen Nissenbaum and Kazys Varnelis. Bringing together contributors to the Situated Technologies Project throughout its first six years, this half-day event will address current issues surrounding situated technologies and the increasing entanglement of data, technology, and the built environment, and attempt to identify future trajectories for their evolution.

Situated Technologies: Beneath and Beyond Big Data
A symposium with Philip Beesley, David Benjamin, Laura Forlano, Usman Haque, Natalie Jeremijenko, Omar Khan, Laura Kurgan, Helen Nissenbaum, Trebor Scholz, Mark Shepard, and Kazys Varnelis
Saturday, April 28, 2012
2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Rose Auditorium, The Cooper Union
41 Cooper Square, NYC

Discourse and Discord: Architecture of Agonism from the Kitchen Table to the City Street

I am off to Minneapolis for Discourse and Discord: Architecture of Agonism from the Kitchen Table to the City Street, April 12-14 @ The Walker Art Center.

I'm participating in a performative conversation titled Structures for Discord with designer Carl DiSalvo, artist/educator Marisa Jahn, and media theorist Warren Sack, for which I choreographed the lighting and and stage configurations based on George Balanchine’s ballet Agon.

update: a video recording of the event is archived here.

Urban Ontologies @ Eyebeam

Jordan Crandall and I will be hosting an informal public conversation on new urban ontologies at Eyebeam Art + Technology Center on Thursday, March 22 from 6-8pm. The event is part of the Urban Research Group conversation series, which aims to address the underlying issues, ideas and interests that drive the research of Eyebeam's current fellows.

On the Verge: Dennis Crowley and Mark Shepard @ SVA

Looking forward to an informal conversation tonight with Dennis Crowley, founder of foursquare, as part of SVA's spring lecture series for the MFA program in Interaction Design.

CCD-me-not Umbrella @ Eyebeam Open Studios: Winter 2011

I'll be participating in Open Studios @ Eyebeam Art + Technology Center this Friday and Saturday, December 16 & 17, from 3-6pm. I'll be installing a live version of the CCD-me-not Umbrella, part of the Sentient City Survival Kit. This is a great opportunity to get a glimpse of current research and works-in-progress by current residents and fellows there. Come by and say hello if you are in New York!

Festival CulturaDigital.Br - Rio de Janiero, Brazil

I'll be heading to Brazil for this year's Festival CulturaDigital.Br, from December 2-4th at MAM-Rio and Cine Odeon in Rio de Janeiro. I'll be talking about Serendipitor and other forms of alternative urban navigation techniques.

NYC Open Sensor Network Workshop @ Eyebeam

I'm facilitating a workshop at Eyebeam Art + Technology Center in New York on Friday, December 2. We'll be developing ideas (and an action plan) for rolling out an open sensor network in NYC next spring. Organized together with Pachube and the NYC Internet of Things Meetup.

Lecture at Stroom Den Haag, Netherlands

I'll be giving a talk on the Sentient City at Stroom Den Haag on Thursday, October 27 at 8 pm. The talk is part of Stroom's The Knight's Move lecture series, which aims to "cut across all disciplines and thus stimulate rethinking the city." Excited to be a part of this excellent series!

Expanding the Documentary @ Purchase College

I'm on a panel at the Expanding the Documentary conference at Purchase College, organized by Brooke Singer and Michelle Stewart. The conference is accompanied by an exhibition of expanded documentary works, in which Serendipitor is included, on view in the Passage Gallery, October 13 till November 6.

Idea Festival

I'm in Louisville, Kentucky for the Idea Festival where I'm presenting with Shih Chieh Huang, Richard Pell, Julie Wyman, and Pamela Z during the Creative Capital session moderated by Ruby Lerner. I'll also be conducting a walk with Serendipitor on Friday, September 23 @ 5:30pm, starting at the entrance to the Kentucky Center for Performing Arts.

PICNIC in Amsterdam

I'm heading to the PICNIC festival in Amsterdam where I'll be moderating a session titled From Database Cities to Urban Stories with Saskia Sassen, Marc Tuters, Martijn de Waal, Beth Coleman, Nerea Calvillo, Eymund Diegel, Romano Gallo and Mirko Lorenz. Thursday, September 15 from 1:30 - 5:15pm at the NDSM warf.

Sentient City Survival Kit @ Ars Electronica 2011

I'm off to Linz, Austria to exhibit the Survival Kit as part of this year's Ars Electronica festival, August 31 - September 6.

The project is included in the CYBERARTS 2011 exhibition, which includes a selection of projects that received an award in the Prix Ars Electronica 2011 competition.

I'll also be conducting walks with Serendipitor throughout the weekend.

Sentient City Book Launch + Serendipitor Walkshop @ INDESEM 2011

I'll be in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, on Saturday, May 14 for a Serendipitor walkshop during the day and a book launch event for Sentient City in the evening @ V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media, together with Martijn de Waal and Michiel de Lange. Thanks to the organizers of INDESEM 2011 for the invitation!

Upgrade! Boston

I'll be speaking at the MIT Media Lab as part of Upgrade! Boston next Tuesday, April 26 @ 7pm, and conducting a walk with Serendipitor on Wednesday @ 5pm.

Sentient City Survival Kit @ Enter:datapolis

I'll be in Prague from April 14-17 for Enter:datapolis, the 5th incarnation of this art and technology festival. I'll be giving a talk on the Sentient City, presenting the Survival Kit, and organizing walks through the city with Serendipitor.

Hertzian Rain @ Birchfield Penney Art Center

This spring I'll be performing Hertzian Rain at the Birchfield Penney Art Center in Buffalo, NY. These performances as part of the exhibition Eyes of the Skin: Art and the Senses, featuring installations by Alexandra Spaulding and JT Rinker. Curated by Stefani Bardin.

February 13 and March 27 at 3pm, and April 8 at 7pm.

Sentient City now available from MIT Press and Amazon

Sentient City: ubiquitous computing, architecture and the future of urban space is now available for purchase from the MIT Press and Amazon.com.

Case studies by David Benjamin, Soo-in Yang, and Natalie Jeremijenko; Haque Design + Research; SENSEable City Lab; David Jimison and JooYoun Paek; and Anthony Townsend, Antonina Simeti, Dana Spiegel, Laura Forlano, and Tony Bacigalupo

Essays by Martijn de Waal, Keller Easterling, Matthew Fuller, Anne Galloway, Dan Hill, Omar Khan, Saskia Sassen, Trebor Scholz, Hadas Steiner, Kazys Varnelis, and Mimi Zeiger


A few things happening in the first half of February:

From Feb 1-6 I'll be in Berlin for Transmediale. Serendipitor is up for an award, and will be on exhibit at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt.

On Feb 10 I'll be participating on a panel titled Responsive City: Fact or Fiction? at this year's CAA Conference in New York. Chaired by Steve Dietz, the panelists include: Barbara Goldstein, Public Art Program Director, City of San Jose, Cameron McNall of Electroland, and Ben Rubin of Ear Studio.

On Feb 11 we're celebrating the publication of Sentient City: Ubiquitous Computing, Architecture and the Future of Urban Space, the book I've edited based on the 2009 exhibition I curated at the Urban Center in New York. Paola Antonelli, Hadas Steiner and I will discuss the architecture and design exhibition’s historical relation to architectural production and its influence on contemporary design discourse. Friday, February 11, 2011, 7:00 p.m. @ McNally Jackson Books, 52 Prince Street, New York City.

Vivo arte.mov - São Paulo

Off to São Paulo, Brazil for Vivo arte.mov/saopaulo Festival for Mobile Media Art, November 30 - December 5. I'll be installing a new version of the Tactical Sound Garden, exhibiting the Sentient City Survival Kit, and participating on a panel discussion at the symposium.

AND is of course diversity, multiplicity, the destruction of identities. It's not the same factory gate when I go in, and when I come out, and then when I go past unemployed. A convicted man's wife isn't the same before and after the conviction. But diversity and multiplicity have nothing to do with aesthetic wholes (in the sense of 'one more,' 'one more woman'. . . ) or dialectical schemas (in the sense of 'one produces two, which then produces three'). Because in those cases it's still Unity, and thus being, that's primary, and that supposedly becomes multiple.

When Godard says everything has two parts, that in a day there's morning and evening, he's not saying it's one or the other, or that one becomes the other, becomes two. Because multiplicity is never in the terms, however many, nor in all the terms together, the whole. Multiplicity is precisely in the 'and' which is different in nature from elementary components and collections of them.

Neither a component nor a collection, what is this AND? I think Godard's force lies in living and thinking and presenting this AND in a very novel way, and in making it work actively. AND is neither one thing nor the other, it's always in-between, between two things; it's the borderline, there's always a border, a line of flight or flow, only we don't see it, because it's the least perceptible of things. And yet it's along this line of flight that things come to pass, becomings evolve, revolutions take shape.

Exerpt from a conversation with Gilles Deleuze on the television broadcast of Jean Luc Godard's "Six fois deux"; Cahiers du Cinema 271 (November 1976)