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The unfoproject examines the contemporary situation in Berlin, currently reconstructing itself as the new capital of Germany. The project addresses the failure of expectations: how expectations are established through codes and images over the course of time and what happens when they unravel in face of the present moment. Whether in our expectations of a great city, of an encounter with specific works of art, or with what someone will say next, this failure invariably involves a movement from the image to the actual. That which confronts us in the present moment elides the expectation, initiating a reorientation. Attention, realigning with the unfolding moment, gradually returns to a plane of immanence. The project works toward the suspension and extension of this interval through a conjunction of cinema and urbanism.

unfobox is an architectural information pavilion prototype for contemporary Berlin. Wearing the format of the 'information kiosk' as a veil, the unfobox examines breaks in the signal of information as a moment of crisis within communication systems. Drawing upon the protocols of cinema, television, advertising and tourism, it produces a series of pauses, stoppages, and interruptions within the material and mental movements these protocols imply, frustrating the expectations they hold forth.

The videofilm
FYU draws upon the protocols of the traditional newsreel in narrating the present conditions of Berlin. Combining archival newsreel footage, clips from historical films dealing with the city, contemporary footage shot in the city amidst sites of construction, vacancy and ruin, and interviews with people who have lived in and recently left the city, FYU examines the resonances and ruptures which develop between the actual city currently being reconstructed and an imaginary city culled from an ocean of mediated time.